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Spot43 ads are banner ads placed on TV monitors in local venues like restaurants and bars. They provide direct access to targeted, hyper-local consumers within your desired demographic. The ads are shown on TVs in these local venues, directly adjacent to any TV programming the venue is playing.
Traditional TV ads are distributed on broadcast or cable systems that require a large reach, which means you pay for advertising to viewers outside of your geographic target area. Spot43 ads are hyper-localized and targeted to specific neighborhoods that give advertisers direct access to their desired demographic without advertising waste. For example, if you are a winery in Woodinville, you can target bars in downtown Seattle, or if you’re promoting an event at the Key Arena, you can target venues within a few mile radius of Key Arena.
Additionally, Spot43 ads are always visible, playing adjacent to TV programming, not only during commercial breaks.
Spot43 ads are effective in delivering increased brand awareness and consideration to your target audience. They are uniquely placed where customers are already watching TV, spending time (versus quickly passing by), and spending money, delivering a captive placement with strong view times.
Spot43 ads provide a new revenue source for local businesses, as they earn a portion of each ad placed, helping them cover operating costs, bills, and invest in growth.


All you need to do is create a login here and you’ll be able to create your first campaign in minutes.
Each venue has 10 ad slots per week. You will have the option of selecting how many ad slots you desire. Each slot selected will rotate your ad 20 times per hour and show your ad for 15 seconds with every rotation, i.e., 5 minutes per hour.
Each campaign must have a $1,000 minimum spend.
Yes, a minimum of 4 weeks and maximum of 52 weeks.
All pricing is transparent and openly posted once you log in to the Spot43 platform -- no additional costs or fees. Pricing for each venue varies based on your selected criteria, including duration, frequency, and location.
All campaigns are payable by credit card. Please contact us at hello@spot43.com if you need additional payment options.


You can upload your design files directly in the Spot43 platform.
All creative must have a width x height of 1920 pixels x 180 pixels and in either JPG or PNG formats.
Yes, your ad creative cannot promote or contain nudity, profanity, illegal drugs or activity, tobacco, imitation or counterfeit goods, or adult products and services.
All ad creative should be uploaded no later than 48 hours prior to your campaign start date, but we recommend at least 4 business days to accommodate any changes that may come out of the approval process. Please note that any delays in providing ad creative will delay your campaign start.
We will review ad creative within 24-48 hours after it is submitted. When approved, it will be added to both your ad library and any campaign to which you have added it. If not approved, we will inform you of any changes that may be needed.
Yes, you can make changes at any time and, after approval, the new creative will be added to your campaign within 24-48 hours.


Your agency can create an agency profile here and manage all of your advertising needs.
Yes, we can cancel your campaign and remove your ads that are in rotation, but please note that all campaigns are non-refundable once reserved.
We are currently available in the Greater Seattle area and adding more locations each week. Create an account here and we will keep you updated as new geographies are added.
You will have access to an up-to-date dashboard which provides reporting on the status of your campaigns and delivered reach, impressions, and spend.

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